My AO3 Masterlist of Writing

2001 to 2005

17 Jul 2001 The Muses Strike Back
Very early one morning. Writer. Cats. Muses.

12 Sep 2001 The Doctor Is In
It's the summer of 1969, 15 years before Methos aka Adam Pierson will join the Watchers. But this year he is Dr. Ben Adams, and visiting London.

17 Sep 2001 The Picnic a la Sleeveheart
Just a little road trip with Methos in the T-bird's driver's seat.

2 Oct 2001 Touch Not the Cat
Duncan MacLeod and Adam Pierson are living and working in NYC. Adam gets a cat. Stuff happens.

2 Oct 2001 Death Will Be Aghast
Methos reacts to the events of 9-11-01.

4 Oct 2001 Dear Wit and Gay Rhetoric
Duncan helps two of his friends and all is revealed. Sort of.

5 Oct 2001 The Elements
A four-story arc of missing moments with Methos and Duncan from just before 'Through a Glass Darkly' to sometime around 'The Valkyrie.'

5 Oct 2001 In the Air Tonight
Methos and Duncan on the day before and morning of 'Comes a Horseman.'

6 Oct 2001 Haste Makes Waste
Methos and Duncan attend the Hasty Pudding Club 'Man of the Year' presentation in Cambridge, Mass.

8 Oct 2001 The Greater Love
Methos recalls his last visit with Darius.

13 Oct 2001 The Doctors Are Out
It's the summer of 1969, 15 years before Methos aka Adam Pierson joins the Watchers. As Dr. Ben Adams, Methos has met a former student and they've gone AWOL from the medical seminar they are both attending. Sequel to ‘The Doctor Is In.’

25 Oct 2001 Tricksy-Treaty
Duncan and Adam take an almost 6-year-old Mary Lindsey Trick-Or-Treating

30 Oct 2001 The Witching Hour
London, Halloween Night, 1973. Methos, Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne are 'doing the Time Warp Again.' ‘Highlander’ X ‘Buffy.’

12 Dec 2001 What Muses Want
A MuseFic mini-homage to Diana Williams' 'Misconceptions.' Contains SPOILERS if you haven't read that story. This piece can be read as a stand-alone.

13 Dec 2001 Seduced Into Virtue
Duncan decides to take without asking.

13 Dec 2001 Nuclear Waste -- Live On MTV!
Rich's favorite band, Nuclear Waste has hit the big time. Duncan can barely stand Rich's music -- until he sees a familiar, um, face. Takes place after 'Finale - Part 2'. Sequel to ‘Nuclear Waste in the Basement.’

31 Dec 2001 Dark and True and Tender
A PWP with a twist. The pairing is a surprise. If you absolutely must know, just skip to the end.

5 Jan 2002 Twelve Days of Christmas With the Muses
Written to celebrate 12th Night, the first day of the Mardi Gras season.

18 Jan 2002 Lost and Found
One canon character lends comfort to a special friend after the death of a loved one.

If you insist on knowing the identity of the canons, go to the end of the story.

26 Jan 2002 Love Is a Crust of Bread
Sometime after TB/NTB MacLeod returns home. And Methos can't stay away.

11 Feb 2002 The Two and a Half Foot Game
Duncan and Methos coach American Peewee football.

12 Feb 2002 The Highlander’s Child
Another hypothesis as to the genesis of immortal children inspired by 'The Discovery Channel.'

The Muses ganged up on me and demanded I write them a baby. I was lucky and they accepted an ofc. They wanted an mpreg...

13 Feb 2002 Banter
Valentine Day nonsense for the Richie-Methos List Drabble Challenge (100 words or less).

15 Feb 2002 Nuclear Waste In the Basement
Spring time in Paris of 1993. Tessa hangs out with Rich while Mac deals with old girlfriends. Prequel to ‘Nuclear Waste -- Live On MTV!’

15 Feb 2002 Methos’ Eggsellent Adventure
Breakfast and more when Methos invites the boys over for omelets.

1 Mar 2002 The Sweater
MacLeod plays master manipulator. Methos lets him.

3 Mar 2002 Placating the Muses
Author and Muse negotiate.

6 Mar 2002 The Methos Essay: Canon, Fanon, Shmanon
Essay: An analytic or interpretative literary composition usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view.


The Methos Essay: Canon, Fanon, Shmanon...

13 Mar 2002 March 6, 1995
Why? A tinyfic.

18 Mar 2002 The Sweater Two
Sequel to 'The Sweater.' Yes, you should read that one first.

Who says revenge is always best served cold?

30 May 2002 The Good, the Bad, and the Methos -- An Essay
A second essay explaining more about the Methos who lives in my Adam's Universe.

6 Jun 2002 More Cat Tales
Sequel to 'Touch Not the Cat,' but can be read as a stand-alone. Methos' cat, Cindy the Sphynx, grows up.

"One cat in a house is a sign of loneliness, two of barrenness, and three of sodomy."

Edward Dahlberg (1900-1977)

7 Jun 2002 Blind Trust
You think you know them. But do you really? Do you trust me? The pairing is listed at the end. But the story is meant to be read without peeking.

27 Aug 2002 Immortals Stand
Highlander X `The Stand' by Stephen King. You do need knowledge of 'The Stand' to understand this story.

In the ultimate Dark, where do immortals stand?

26 Oct 2002 Snips, Quips, and Immortal Tales
Short attention span fanfic. A 'five times' written LONG before it became popular.

28 Nov 2002 Cornucopia
Seven Thanksgiving tales.

4 Feb 2003 The Quiet Man
Retelling of director John Ford's classic with Duncan MacLeod in the John Wayne role and Adam Pierson in the Maureen O'Hara role.

10 Feb 2003 Bell, Book, and Candle
Retelling of the classic with Duncan MacLeod in the Jimmy Stewart role and Adam Holroyd in the Kim Novak role.

2 Mar 2003 The Twelfth Night
Methos reminisces with MacLeod about his life during the Italian Renaissance.

3 Mar 2003 The Weather Outside Is Frightful
Just before Christmas there's a blizzard in Seacouver. However will Methos and Mac pass the time together?

3 Mar 2003 Kitten Tales
Sequel to 'Touch Not the Cat,' and 'Cat Tales.' Could be read as a stand-alone. The further adventures of Methos and Duncan and Cindy the Sphynx in New York.

5 Mar 2003 One Night
Short attention span fanfic. A series of vignettes.

13 Aug 2004 Methos Kinks
Methos thinks about the Highlander -- in rhyme.

18 Oct 2004 Ties That Bind
Methos takes Duncan into the world of hardcore D/s.

7 Sep 2005 Once With Feeling
First person POV. Explicit PWP with language and kink.

2009 -

26 Jun 2009 Methos and Joe -- A Conversation
A spoiler for 'Methos Rocks.' Something I'd been thinking about and thought it might be amusing. Mild language. Pretty tame.

29 Jun 2009 Happy Birthday to Me
It's somebody's birthday and they get their heart's desire.

28 Aug 2009 Death, the High Priest, and the Altar of Doom
Adam Pierson offers himself up as a sacrifice to save others.

20 Oct 2009 The Corellian, the Wookie, and the 21st Century Man
An intergalactic poker game far, far away, leads to pokery. Torchwood X Star Wars.

14 Nov 2009 More Than a Comrade
Kirk and Chekov have something in common. A st_xi_kink fill.

19 Nov 2009 More Than a Chess Game
Kirk and Spock aren't the only genius chess players on the Enterprise. Chekov has a strategy all his own.

26 Nov 2009 Jim, Bones, and the Christmas Elves
Kirk and McCoy end up in Riverside for Christmas Eve.

26 Nov 2009 Diplomatic Immunity
McCoy is assaulted while on an away mission. Chekov wants retribution.

19 Dec 2009 Le Nid D’Oiseaux (The Bird’s Nest)
Teaser: "Marie," the blushing young man replied, "we haven't told anyone yet. Except Georges' father, of course. We're having a baby!"

La Cage aux Folles fandom.

31 Dec 2009 I Get the Music
Teaser: He comes into the kitchen and leans next to Scott, who's making a cup of tea. Then he leans closer to softly sing the words of the old Who song to his lover. "See me…"

Torchwood RPF.

1 Jan 2010 Happy Festive Holiday Whatever Celebration
Chekov isn't sure what to buy McCoy for Christmas. McCoy is just surprised that Chekov considered to get him anything. Kinkmeme fill.

27 Jan 2010 Chekov Doesn’t Do Grape Juice
Teaser: "Oh, my fucking head. God damnit..." Someone has a hangover.

27 Jan 2010 While You’re Away
Teaser: I promised, yeah. You asked, and I'm going to go along with you. But, baby, it's hard. So fucking hard.

27 Jan 2010 Five First Dates That Never Were + The One That Finally Was
Teaser: 5. Klingons. Why did it always have to be Klingons?

27 Jan 2010 Every Age Has a Dream
Sequel to Five First Dates… Teaser: "Oh, hell no! I am not puttin' elf ears on the kid!

31 Jan 2010 Every Beat of My Heart
Teaser: The breath on the back of his raised knee was humid. But its presence there caused a shiver up his spine.


2 Feb 2010 Papa-In-Law
Teaser: A bar. A Russian bar. A Russian bar IN Russia. Who'd have thought he'd be having his bachelor party in a Moscow bar in the middle of February.

Uh, Yeah. Chekov is getting married…

2 Feb 2010 Jocelyn to Bones
Teaser: Good god, Len, I'm a lawyer not a wedding planner!

Kirk and McCoy are getting married, and they need a bit of help.

3 Feb 2010 Old Spock Says, ‘Fix It’
Teaser: 'The Ambassador' AKA Old Spock, arrived a mere hour before the wedding, and went straight to McCoy. "Doctor, I do not intend to marry Uhura."

4 Feb 2010 Six Days In McCoy’s Harem -- One That’s Not
McCoy/Chekov and various shenanigans.

17 Feb 2010 Where Thou Goest…
Teaser: "Three freaking weeks, Jim!" McCoy grabbed his Captain's arm and jerked him away from the gathering crowd of officers. "What were you thinking? Were you even thinking?"

Three weeks with no Chekov, and McCoy is about to lose it.

18 Feb 2010 Welcome Back
Teaser: He didn't look up. Didn't dare to look up as the Away Team filed into Sickbay. M'benga would take Spock and Sulu away. Chapel was ushering the redshirts further along to other med personnel.


15 May 2010 Deflection
Something is wrong with Bones. Jim goes to investigate.

18 June 2001 The Moving Finger Writes and…Moves On
The man laying on the bed shifted, and immediately felt the sting of a pinch on the inside of his thigh.



Info about Renee

This is Renee's younger sister Laura.  On behalf of her family, I regret to inform you all that Renee passed away unexpectedly on Monday, August 30th at her home.  We have no exact details as it been difficult to get information being in Louisiana but I am in Colorado Springs this weekend to try and make heads or tails of things.  Renee did not want anyone to mourn her passing but to "have a party".  Please keep her in your toughts and prayers.  Thank you, Laura

Me, Me, Me

I've seen this one all over lj lately.  Thought I'd play along...


1. Name:  Renee
2. Age:  54
3. Country of Residence:  Colorado, USA


1. Been a member of LJ long?  About a year
2. What do you post on your LJ?  Anything
3. Are you Friends Only?  No
4. Are you into quizzes, memes, etc...?  Sometimes
5. Fandoms you are into? Highlander, Star Trek, Potterdom, Torchwood


1. What is/are your favorite show(s)?  I don't watch TV
2. Least favorite show(s)?  See above 
3. Favorite actors?  Peter Wingfield, Karl Urban
4. Favorite actresses?  No 
5. Favorite TV couple or pairing?  Movie pair, Chris Pine and Karl Urban
6. Do you have a specific channel that you favor?  No
7. Concerning your favorite show, What is your favorite episode?  None at the moment

Fan Fiction:

1. Do you write/read fanfic? If so, what genre? (Slash, Het, Gen)  Read and write slash from G to NC:17
2. What is your favorite pairing if Slash?  Star Trek Kirk/McCoy, Highlander Methos and anybody, Potter Harry/Draco, Torchwood Jack/John
3. Who has to be in it to get you to read it? (Slash)  Two men I find appealing
4. Who has to be in it to get you to read it? (Het and Gen)  If the summary looks good I read 


1. Do you make graphics of any kind? If so, what kind? (Icons, headers, vids, etc...)  Icons and macros for personal use
2. Do you like to enter contests if you do make graphics?  No
3. Do you take requests?  No


1. Give us one weird fact about you before you go:  I am allergic to the sun

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Happy Tuesday!

I've been out most of the day.  I am very tired now, but I plan to be bad this evening.  I am going to have nachos with cheese sauce and salsa.  Ole!

So, let's get the possibly bad things out of the way first.  Went to the Cardiologist.  To the good, he stopped one of my meds.  Then he continued with, 'We've done all we can with meds to reduce the fluid around your heart.  I really think we need to put you in the hospital. For a WHILE.'

At that point I came close to losing it,.  My response was, 'Oh.'  Then he talked about something 'like' a PICC Line (which I have had before.  And still have the bruising from since Feb.) and I think I more or less just shut down.  So now I'm waiting for the three Cardiologists, one Pulmonologist, and one Nephrologist to 'talk,' and decide what to do for real.

Of course I have no laptop, so any writing I do then will be pen and paper.  Lalala  Just like old school fandom.

Hey, at least I'll know to bring enough of my own clothes so I won't have to wear the damn hospital 'gowns.'  And to bring a pillow to sit on so my ass doesn't hurt!  I'll have my phone, so if I do have to drop out for a while I could call people who leave me their number!

Since I'll have fair warning this time if I do have to go to hospital, I will definitely leave a post about it.

Okay, enough of that.

I went to WalMart today.  For the Pinto fans amongst us, you should know they're selling fug hats.  REALLY fug hats!  For the Urbine fans, there were denim shirts.  For anyone who adores Anton, and has seen how he dresses for his club gigs, there are some really ugly tee shirts!  Lalalala

This Peter Wingfield fan rejoices.  'Riverworld' was 15 bucks.  And yes, I bought it.  Couldn't resist.

Finally got a new battery for my 'I'm So Gay For Marriage' watch!  Celebrating Prop 8's overturn in style!

For those who watched SGA, and thought Ronan's dreads were sexy, there was this guy in the store with BETTER dreads than Ronan.  I swear!

THEN, while I was waiting for the cab this couple came out holding hands.  One was very tall with shoulder blade length wavy dark-blond hair.  The other was short, with very short hair.  Both were in shorts and tee shirts.  I didn't see fronts/faces.  But from the back they walked exactly alike.  And they sounded alike.  Makes me wonder EXACTLY what I was seeing!  Now I will wonder forever...

'Kay, then.  My nachos are calling.  Must nosh.

Have a great evening!

Hugs everybody!



The Way Things Are

Been trying to write.  The Muses are still on strike.  I can't even get a measly 100-word drabble out of them.

Spend a lot of time reading.  Mostly ST AOS, ST AOS RPS, Harry/Draco Potterverse, and the occasional Highlander story that pops up.  There's not much Torchwood coming across my flist these days.  I miss it.

The new BBC Sherlock Holmes has really taken off.  I've watched, but not read any of the fan stories. 

Tonight's episode made me squee!  One of the characters had a red tabby Sphynx.  It looked exactly like one I used to have.  And it was as friendly -- trying its best to sit on Watson's chest -- as mine was.  It made me happy to see a Sphynx on TV.  But it has also made me weepy.  I miss mine so very much...

Here are a pair of Sphynx.  Not exactly the same color as the one featured in Sherlock Holmes, but very close.

Anyway, the weather here has been pretty nice.  Rain or thunderstorms almost every day (like right now) for a couple of hours, and cool temps.  This is why I don't want to move.

Health is doing okay.  No one has called to change meds, or send me to the hospital.  That is a definite winning situation.

So, this has been an update on my life.  I hope you are all doing well as we continue in the second half of 2010.

Have a good one!



Sherlock Holmes 2010 BBC

Holy deduction, Dr. Watson!

I watched 'A Study in Pink' just now and I am totally impressed.  Good lord, but I can definitely see what all the fuss is about.

Do watch if you get a chance.  It's clever, witty, has lots of pretties, and tons and tons of slash potential.

The second and third installments will be on the next two Sundays, 8-1 and 8-8-10.

Check here for more info

You can find lots of goodies at the comm [info]sherlockbbc
Karl 2

I Had a Dream

Karl was in it!  He had this old, beat up brown truck.  It was his baby, and he never let anybody else drive it.  But he was letting me drive it!

We weren't actually going anywhere, just riding around some generic place.  He was grumbling the whole time about the way I was driving, even though there was nothing to complain about.  I finally had enough, stopped, and told him to get out.  Unfortunately, that was when I woke up. 

Damn.  I never can get anything really GOOD to happen.  Though, he was speaking Kiwi!  Lalala

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